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My (nick)name is DinoZorro. I am currently working as a TRA Consultant. I help people to become healthier, looks younger, and slim down healthily and PERMANENTLY!

I started to pay more attention to health when I saw how my father suffered from CANCER of the mouth. He was VERY healthy in his prime years, but in his last days, he was so thin like a bag of bones that it really hurt me to see his condition deteriorate till he passed on.

Ever since I learnt about alternative medicine, I realised that a person’s health is the responsibility of each individual. Doctors, as medical professionals, can only help us to a certain extent. The rest depends on what we do to help ourselves.

Our body is one of the most fabulous machine ever created. It has the power to create and regenerate. But living in a world of stress and polluted environment, our bodies are subjected to an array of toxins that degenerate us. The chemicals and additives in our processed food; free radicals from the numerous electronic equipments around us; and the pollution to our air and water sources, has brought about new and incurable illnesses.

Without taking the proper measures to improve our immune system to fight against infections, the new generation has turn to chemical and synthetic drugs in hope of a faster and painless recovery. Little do we realise that our bodies have over time, lost the power to heal itself through natural means.

At Essentially Wellness, we hope to advocate the use of natural therapies and alternative medications to promote healthy lifestyle without over-relying on chemical drugs.

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