In our modern society today, most people subjected themselves to working hard in a stressful work environment. Everyone hope that by working hard, we could earn more money or get that promotion we desired, so that we can provide ourselves and our family a better quality of life.


Why has health becomes a concern?

Certainly there is nothing wrong with us for wanting to provide a better quality of life for ourselves and our family. But our lifestyle have changed so much that we are no longer living healthily like our forefathers before us.

Our challenges today

Today, most people are eating outside of their home due to work commitments. Our diets are mainly that of junk food, fast food and processed food and beverages that are tinted with chemicals and additives. We sleep at unholy hours, busy on playing computer games (probably to de-stress ourselves), socializing in cyberspace in the dead of the night instead of meeting someone face to face in a normal day. On top of all that, we expose ourselves to a world of radiation generated by computers, laptops, handphones and many other electronic gadgets including our wi-fi at home. So when we have a flu or cough, we consult our doctors and we take chemical drugs for fast relief.

Eating RIGHT and sleeping RIGHT

When we cook at home, we can decide what quality of oil we used to fried our food, for example we can buy and use healthier olive oil or coconut oil. We can decide how many times we re-use the oil we fried our food with because we knew that recycling oil too many time can become a health concern. But most importantly, we can decide how much salt, sugar and oil should go into our food. When we are eating out, we cannot control any of these decisions which can easily compromise our health.

Although work can be stressful and long, it is still we, who decide when to sleep and eat. We need to cultivate good habits like eating our meals on time and not skipping meals. Similarly, we need to have discipline to sleep at least seven to eight hours daily so that we are in tip top condition to perform our duties at work.

Exercise RIGHT

Pollution to the air we breathe, chemicals and impurities in the water we drink, unnatural additives that are added to our (processed) food, radiation in our environment mentioned earlier, compound the magnitude of our health issues.

JJ Poh demonstrating a simple routine

Courtesy from feedtofit

Exercise is one of the best, efficient and cheapest way to help us get rid of all the impurities and toxins that enter our body or are built up in our body everyday. Exercising increases our heart beat, circulate blood faster throughout our body. Our body temperature increases, inducing sweat that carry toxins out of our system. Exercising our muscles also stimulate bowel movements, hence ensuring that wastes are cleared as soon as possible.

Most school going children have sufficient exercises during their school terms. When they enter the society to work however, many start to face the prospect of working overtime or the need to socialize. It is this time that many start to change their once good habits. They start to sleep late and wake up late. They start to reduce the number of hours for exercise per week till they may eventually stop exercising totally.

It is important to remember that no matter how little we exercise, it is still beneficial to our body because all exercise keep our muscles tone and help our body to remove the waste and toxin built up though our cells metabolism.

What this means…

Have you ever wonder, how is it that more and more people in the world are suffering from modern illnesses like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes? What is more, we are plagued with more and more INCURABLE diseases which were unknown of in the past!

While scientists and doctors are fighting to find new cures for new diseases, many have overlooked the power of our own natural doctor in every one of us – our Immune System. We are a generation that have become over-reliance on chemical drugs to solve our health issues; so much so that our immune system have lost its natural ability to repair and keep us healthy.

Only by keeping ourselves healthy are we able to remain productive and create the wealth we wanted. More importantly, we can be present to take care of each member of the family.

As we cannot change our living or working environment, there is a need to take healthy food and beverages, exercise appropriately so that our body has the raw materials to help us repair and so keep us healthy.


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